Monday, November 30, 2009

Just sketchin'

5.5" x 8.5" sketchbook

Monday, November 23, 2009

Prometheus by Franz Kafka

Another Peter Kuper assignment.

More hilarious Kafka confusion: link

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Self Overload

Sam Saxton is afraid
Sam Saxton is angry
Sam Saxton is amused
Sam Saxton watches you
Sam Saxton is above it all
Sam Saxton is crazy
Sam Saxton rocks
Sam Saxton is beneath it all
Sam Saxton is really really really happy

The assignment was to do 9 self portraits in different styles. It just so happened that my name has 9 letters. Mom and dad, that was some serious foresight.

I did a half-assed coloring job, but it makes the letters more visible.
In this picture: me, me, me, a bird, me, me, me, me, me and me.
Nib, micron, ballpoint pen, micron, charcoal, nib, pencil, brush, pencil.


A Peter Kuper assignment to do a wordless comic. Not the most imaginative parameters ever devised, but freedom is always nice too. I had some repetative pictures in my refference folder, so I made an idea out of that. It was a bit monotonous in places and depressing overall, but I'm pleased with the product.

Fresh Spring Air

Assignment for Peter Kuper's class to do a political environmental piece. I figured global warming was too cliche. So I made one on air pollution.


Assignment for Peter Kuper's class. I was supposed to interview someone into a comic. This is Chris Wronka's traveling misadventures. It was a fun project, because I didn't spend much time drawing details and I wasn't going for accuracy.


I hate scanning pencils.
This was done for Peter Kuper's class. The assignment was a 'then and now' type of deal. Inspired by Richard Mcguire's "Here".

The Labors of Hercules - character designs

Character designs for The 12 Labors of Hercules.
1. Hercules/Heracles. He's real big, see? Hercules
2. Eurystheus. He gets scared and hides in a wine jar when he sees the amazing strength of Hercules, which he apparently didn't notice until after the first task. Eurystheus
3. Iolaus. He was Hercules' nephew and eromenos. Yeah, thats right, Hercules was an incestuous pedophile. You learn something new every day. Iolaus

Robotic Ride

So I wanted to try a lot of inking techniques all at once. I figured a dirty robot would do the trick. I was trying to make it like a motorcycle at the top (as if the whole thing was made from spare parts, I guess), although the headlights look too much like eyes for my liking, didn't want it to look to anthropomorphic. Pretty pleased other than that. Then I made it into a comic. Not too bad, right?
Zipps are done in photoshop.

Airplane sketch

Ballpoint pen sketch of a guy in 'Sky' magazine while on a plane to Hawaii to see my brother.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


All of this was done with ink droppers applied directly. I used diluted ink in water for alot of it, and occasionally applied water first.

Happy winter.


This is actually my personal favorite of all my comics ever.

Watchmen II

"Adrien, tear down this wall!"
-Nite Owl III

Okay, so I guess I got a little distracted from studying for my history final. Pencil and notebook paper.


Figure drawing in class


Willow charcol.

SVA T-shirt designs

Shirt designs for a contest at my school. They did not win.
Parody of Love Park logo and parody of Freemason logo.


Ink+water+brush=this biznass

Attention, world: I have a blog

Hey,  look at me. I totally have a blog now. I'm gonna be posting art and stuff. I hope you enjoy it and that it makes me rich and famous. KTHNXBY